Research Justification

S1-01 Group E Research Justification

Research Topic: Self-Control

Chosen Area of Focus: How many times does a SST student gets distracted over their electronics devices compared to an average student?
  1. Framing our research topic 1
Our chosen area of focus is “The amount of times a SST student get distracted over their electronic devices compared to an average student ”. We have chosen this topic as most of us do go to social networking on websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Blogger, just to name a few.We also get ourselves busy in the gaming world. Our parents sometimes say that we are spending too much time on the computer on social networking websites and gaming on our computers while not concentrating on our task, such as doing our homework and studying, and  eventually getting bad results for exams. And we can’t help but agree sometimes as we use up time that could have been used for us to study and revise our homework on social networks or games.Compared to other students, the students in our school has a computer each as we are in a technology based school.Thus,the computer is in our disposal.With our computers,we get extremely distracted with these devices.But on the other hand, there are also be some good points of the devices, such as helping out is our studies.Thus,we have to remain neutral on the advantages and disadvantages of the computer.

  1. Possible reasons for problems related to getting distracted are spending too much time in front of the computer.Sometimes,reading online ebooks also takes its toll on us.A research conducted in United States over several children proved that students who use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites excessively had a low attention span and thus score low grades found. Singapore Polytechnic also found out that singapore youths spends 5.5 hours a day online last year.Thus, SST students need to find a solution as soon as possible to curb this problem.
  2. The advantages of the care students can keep in touch with their friends, ask them about homework using the chat function, even ask teachers what they want us to bring for the lessons the very next day .The computer also allows us to search for research based material on the internet and makes learning even more engaging on the internet. It is also a form of entertainment, I mean who can live without electronic devices?Although people in this era normally say these things,we still have to stay in our limits.
  3. Some students spend way too much time on the computer at social networking sites and neglect their studies. Hence, some possible solutions to the above mentioned problems would be to limit the amount of time spent on the computer doing things which does not help us in any way and set aside some time for studying.Although some studies in SST is itself on the computer,it makes it even more difficult to keep your paws off the keyboard typing away to our friends.

Reasons for choice of topic

1.We have chosen this topic, as we want to find out more about how our mobile phones and computers can affect our studies and why do we spend lots of time on social networking sites.

2.This allows us to fulfil the requirements of the project task as the project task looks at computers from a good and bad point of view, which is also what we will be doing through the weeks.

3.This topic benefits society as people will know the limit and will know when not to go to our computer and when to go to the computer managing our homework at the same time.

Feasibility of the research
  1. There is a need for our research, as many people do not know when to stop the moment they start typing away to our friends(doing unproductive things), especially students. Hence, our research can help to let these people know when to start and stop.
  2. It is possible to carry out and complete the project, as there are many students in the school that we can survey on and interview.We can also interview members of the public.
  3. The proposed course of action is logical and realistic as it can be completed with the help of some students who would be willing to do a survey and with our hardwork and group effort.This can also be completed with the cooperation of the members of the public.
  4. The research provides sufficient opportunity for generation of ideas, as we will constantly have to think of ways to do certain things in the project. As for analysis and evaluation of ideas, we will certainly have many opportunities to analyse information and evaluate ideas on how to go about deciding what to do next.This has given us a oppurtunity to reflect .

Manageability of the research
  1. The timeline for the different components of the project will be decided later based on the situation then. But overall, the project will be done as quickly and carefully as we can, trying our best not to go out of point and staying as close to the topic as possible.
  2. This research provides sufficient opportunity for group work as we will need to discuss a lot of matters regarding the project, for example who will be assigned to do what component of the project and we will have to work together. 
  3. We do anticipate some difficulties along the way, such as poor communication among the group members and lack of data. We intend to cope with these difficulties by trying to get the group to go and upload their findings and their part of the project onto

Accessibility of the information required
  1. Information/knowledge that will be relevant to our research would be the amount of time people usually spend on social networking websites on average each day.
  2. We will be obtaining this information from primary and secondary sources, depending on which one gives more reliable and useful information.
  3. Some alternatives that we have thought of would be to ask others for information or where can we find the information that we need.
  4. Some problems we anticipate while gathering my materials would be that the information that we can find is not entirely relevant to our project and that that is already the closest piece of information among all others that we have found.


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